Ester Rada

Sat 25Mar

8 p.m. - 9:30 p.m.

Tickets start at $37, or buy a VIP Pass to the entire festival by calling 248.432.5673.


Israeli born cross-cultural singer, Ester Rada, mixes Ethio-Jazz, funk, soul and R&B. Ester opened for Alicia Keys at her Israeli concert to rave reviews from critics. 

"...perhaps the best thing that has happened to (the Israeli music scene) in years." - MTV Iggy

Her sound is a deep reflection of the Israeli born Ethiopian heritage. Growing up in a highly religious Jewish family in more than modest conditions in one of the roughest neighborhoods of Israel, gave Rada the drive to change her way of life and fulfill her dream of creating music.

"Ester Rada has a powerful soul voice and a dramatic, eclectic style that reflects her history." - The Guardian


ABOUT ESTER RADA - Growing up in a religious family that had just settled in Israel after an excruciating journey from Ethiopia, no one had in mind what future would hold for Ester Rada. It is like a story crafted by a skilled screen-writer – but you forget all about that the moment Ester Rada Walks up on stage. A bombshell of charisma, talent and genuine musical eagerness, Rada is no longer just one of Israel’s biggest success stories in recent years, but a worldwide sensation.

It started out with her 2013 EP , “ Life Happens”, produced by Kut iman ( Thru-you) which initiated an instant buzz that erupted franticly with her 2014 debut alb um, “ Ester Rada”. It was a surprising showcase of talent spanning from Ethiopian-jazz to American funk, from smooth R&B to a pulsating Afrobeat with a hint of Middle Eastern flavor that laid foundations for her thrilling, soulful voice.

Exalted reviews emerged as the album reached gold status in Israel, and international attention quickly followed. She received praises from the BBC , PBS , The Guardian , MOJOMagazine and many
more, while her video clips were rotated on MTV and VH1 . In 2015, Rada also released “I Wish”, a critically acclaimed EP containing four audacious covers for Nina Simone classics, self-produced by
Rada and her band and mixed by BobPower ( ErikahBad u, D’angelo, De La Soul).

All this in just three years – during which she played hundreds of concerts all over the world, including notable performances in festivals such as Glastonbury , SXSW , WOMEX and WOMAD as well at at the 2016 Summer Olympic Games in Rio and in South Africa for the first time.

Seeing Rada and her Band live can simply explain how this happened in such a short time. Backed up by some of the best young talents from Tel-Aviv’s sizzling music scene alongside her rare virtuoso voice, Rada’s concerts are a captivating powerhouse of effortless groove and enchanting melodies.

Her latest single, “Cry for Me” is a promising first glimpse of what awaits us in her new album. The songs were all written by Ester herself, on the road and at her home in Jaffa, and recorded in Tel Aviv by the intriguing producer SHU Z (from the electronic duo 3421). Placing upfront Rada’s unique vocals with an undertow of connections to black grooves and beats, the album exposes a new and refreshing approach to R&B and Soul music, purifying Rada’s many musical influences and past works into a distinct flair and a clear artistic statement.

Until then, Ester Rada and her band continue to tour world-wide. And just like every previous step along her musical journey, the next one she is taking is bold and exciting, with hopefully many more
to come.

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