This type of purchase comes with a unique 9-digit voucher code that gives you access to the purchased content . The voucher can be found at the bottom of your emailed receipt from [email protected] It is under the section called Streaming Vouchers.

INSTALL | Search J Watch Detroit on your smart tv device’s app store and install it on your device.

ACCESS | Enter your unique 9-digit voucher code on your streaming voucher into the box under Ticket Holders, and click Submit.

VIEW | When you are ready to view your content press PLAY. ** Please Note: On-demand content will only be accessible for 24 hours.


Access is also available through browser viewing at by clicking the Watch Video Here! link on your streaming voucher.


This type of purchase is for anyone who wants to be or is already on JWatch. Access purchases will give the user immediate access to content on their JWatch menu. If you would like to get on JWatch, your first purchase will require authentication. All other purchases made from our store will be available instantly.

AUTHENTICATE | After your first purchase, visit your email to receive your JWatch Detroit – On Demand Invite. Click the JOIN link in that email. Set-up your password to Log in to JWatch. Your access has been authenticated.

ACCESS | Install or Open JWatch on your device and Log in to JWatch’s member access. follow the directions to link your device. Browse through your content to find the series.

VIEW | When you are ready to view your content SELECT and press PLAY.