A Berman On-Stage Studio is a single or multi camera insert studio on our stage, pre-lit with presenter monitor and a large display, the studio can also be used for vignettes, episodes, recurring series, conference support, and speech recording.

JBaby’s recent New Years Baby Shark produced by The Berman On-Stage Studio. Shot in two 20 min, separate single camera green screen sessions, a socially distanced audio record session, and one coached remote quarantine recording session. All pieces were edited together in post and was completed within a few hours and rendered appropriately for a zoom party.
PJ Library of Metro Detroit and JFamily’s series Goodnight Zoom. Filmed at The Berman On-Stage Studio. Using a multi PTZ camera system, this series is filmed and pre-edited in the studio with 2 to 3 hour recording sessions. Post editing produces the final product. The video spends approximately 1 to 2 days in post and is rendered directly for YouTube and Facebook premieres.


Our full stage studio is our multi-camera “ready to shoot” studio for live shows to Facebook, YouTube or other digital platform. It is equipped for recording shows as well, all using practical sets and lighting.

Nicely Theatre Group’s Disenchanted! A New Stay at Home Musical. Produced at The Berman On-Stage Studio, this production available through Broadway On Demand for streaming, was filmed with a full stage experience but produced for a zoom-style production. All actors were filmed seperately and edited together for the final streamed performance. All technical elements and film production crew were products of or members of The Berman stage crew. This production was filmed in UHD and produced for a pay per view streaming service.


We are able to offer a complete video production solution. We’ll help manage media planning, process, and execution to provide the client with optimum performance, reliability and cost.


  • Single or Multi camera options
  • Can incorporate client tech, cameras, and presentations.
  • 80 inch touchscreen digital display for custom background GFX
  • Green Screen
  • Single person, socially distanced side by side, or performance group.
  • Full theatrical and studio LED lighting
  • Set dressings available
  • Confidence monitor
  • Professional broadcast operator
  • Appointment scheduling to ensure availability
Berman On-Stage Studio
Working with the green screen on stage. Pictured: Mikki Frank. Photo Credit: Eric W. Maher.


  • Live stream to any platform (Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, Twitter)
  • HD and stream ready Record


  • Hair / makeup
  • Professional Audio Engineers
  • Professional Lighting Engineers
  • Catering
  • Dressing and Green rooms

If you or your organization needs support for producing content, we may be of assistance.  Send us an email to [email protected] and let us know what your project is, and we’ll see what we can do for you. Whether it is for the community, a school, or a private event let us help you get it online!